“True stability results when presumed order & presumed disorder are in balance.” -Anon

The Art of foot zoning

Foot Zoning is a series of pressure points on the bottom of the feet that connect to the rest of your body. The difference between Foot Zoning and Reflexology is that Foot Zoning focuses more on the vital organs.You may come to be zoned for a certain issue. If there is a greater need in your body elsewhere; it will heal that first. It’s a happy balance between mind, body, and spirit. Zoning mixed with energy work helps with healing.

By clearing out stagnant energy, helps a person get back to being in a state of homeostasis. The natural balance.

There is a release of physical, mental, and emotional tension that was in the body. A person may experience abnormal symptoms such as fatigue, chatty, or feel emotional for up to 24 hours after the zone.

It’s important to let the therapist know of any surgeries, or foreign objects that are located in the body. (Ex. artificial hip, pace maker…) The Foot Zoning therapist is not a doctor and will not diagnose or prescribe. Before receiving a Foot Zone there needs to be some preparation. Cutting the toenails would be one of them. It’s important to be hydrated before the zone; and drink a lot of water after the zone. To help flush out the toxins from the body. Come prepared to take notes during the zone. A lot of times the therapist will make suggestions.

Foot Zoning is a fun, and unique experience. Holistic healing is coming to the Western States. It’s popular in Utah, Arizona, Colorado, and Idaho. It’s new to Oregon and Washington.


gift certificates are available

Foot Zone gift certificates are available. It’s the perfect gift to lift your loved ones spirits. Show them you care for their overall wellbeing by giving them the gift of love by a healing touch; of a Foot Zone.

The treatment aims to identify any energy blockages in the body using energy techniques. The aim is to release any chakra blockages and promote a free flow of energy to restore balance and bring the body back to homeostasis.

Sometimes blocked energy trapped in a certain area in the body can result in pain. Releasing that trapped energy and allowing it to flow helps relieve pain. Energy therapy techniques harmonize the energy fields in and around the body to promote health and well being. They may also help encourage positive thoughts and emotions. A trained practitioner or healthcare professional performs energy therapy treatments using various noninvasive techniques.
Therapeutic Grades oils are pure, medicinal, steam-distilled essential oils. They use a distilling process to preserve the integrity of the oil just as it is found in nature. Therapeutic grade oils can be used to penetrate cell membranes and enhance cellular function. Every oil has its own healing properties. These are used during the Foot Zone. 

COST $90.00


Preparation for the Foot Zone:
Clear up any Foot Fungus
Clip your toenails
Be well hydrated
Be prepared to take notes

Hear from our clients

“It was a unique cleansing alternative experience. I felt a big difference afterward and benefited from the treatment and information given during it”

Shelly Sellars, Salem OR

“I had never experienced a Foot Zone before and was unsure what to expect. I was surprised when the practitioner told me things she could not have known. It was an amazing experience!”

Matt Timothy, Beaverton, OR

I love it when Lyndi gives me a foot zone. I’ve never met anyone as perceptive and in tune with the people she serves. She is professional and respectful and yet she understands the language my body is speaking. I have corrected so many of the unfolding issues that she detected and she has relieved so many problems with her expert manipulation and massaging on my feet. I know this because more than once she has warned me of an issue and then I will get a blood test with my doctor a few weeks later and he will tell me about the same problem that Lyndi detected with her foot zone. She has relieved the chronic pain I often suffer with in my hips many times. She is exceptionally gifted and I employed her skills in Oregon and now I get to hire her again in Utah. I am blessed!

CAK, Lehi, UT

“I was blessed to have a few foot zones from Lyndi Pearl. It was the first time that I had heard of it. She did amazing work. I always struggled with grinding my teeth at night. Somehow through my feet she asked me about it. I had not told her anything about grinding my teeth. She worked some magic on my feet. I am still chewing gum and don’t have a problem with grinding my teeth. I would highly recommend her and her magic hands.”

Gerritt Schaffer, CA

“I had a wonderful first time Foot Zoning experience with Lyndi. I’m the type of person that will try anything once, so I thought I had gone into the Foot Zone with an open mind. However just moments into the Foot Zone Lyndi recognized I might be a little skeptic from the tenseness in my foot. Lyndi was amazing and helped me relax, so I could get the full benefit from receiving this Foot Zone. As Lyndi massaged my foot, she could tell I was suffering from a stiff neck caused by the type of work I do and recommended I get a message.

Lyndi also was able to help me recognize that I had guilt that has been lingering for years, from personal issues that is affecting the L3 vertebra in my lower back. Lyndi also helped me discover I had unhealed trauma from when I was 12. This trauma could very well be contributing to why I harbor guilt inside of me.

After this first Foot Zone experience, not only did I recognize that Lyndi has a great knowledge of the anatomy of the foot and how it is connected to my body, but also how connected Lyndi is to the Holy Spirit, guiding me to the Savior, the one person that can help me heal from physical and emotional wound.”

kE, vancouver, WA

energy therapy and basics

1. True healing, in all it’s forms, comes from Christ. Matt. 10:1; A of F 1:7
2. We are merely facilitators.
3. Energy work is Spirit work.
4. Energy work is Spiritual work. D&C 29:34; D&C 77:2
5. As men and women who understand the Plan of Salvation we recognize that there are no past lives. Clients may remember events which they witnessed or which were passed down to them (a science known as epigenetics), but each of us lived, sans body, in the Pre-Existence, and live at this time with body. D&C 138:56

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